Car Share

The Gadbrook Park BID encourages those who work at Gadbrook Park to share a car to work when possible to help ease the congestion and number of cars on the park throughout the day.

Do you travel to Gadbrook Park on a daily basis by car and have a spare seat? Or is the angst of a daily commute getting you down? Take a leaf out of John and Kayleigh’s book from the popular TV series Car Share and start your own Gadbrook Park Car Share scheme to make things a little easier. Make some money by offering a lift, save money and petrol, cut down on CO2 emissions and make new friends along the way!

To make things a little easier there are two websites that can help you get started – please click on the links below where you can post your journeys or request a lift, then match up with those nearby who can help.


See below on how to calculate fuel prices for your journey.


Hugh Shields -
Estate Manager

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01606 723 175

Stephanie Leese -
Business Team Coordinator

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